Electronic sign-in tips

1. Check in with the RSO per range rule and the RSO can help you with the sign-in.
2. Sometimes the scanner is finicky and you may need to hold the badge still under the red line for a few seconds for it to read.
3. If that does not work you can enter your badge number (below your barcode) manually with the keyboard.
4. Make sure to verify your name on the sign-in and sign-out screen. The scanner can occasionally miss read the barcode or you may have incorrectly typed in your member number.
5. Take a picture of your badge with your phone or write your membership number somewhere in case you forget your badge as a backup.

Guests are required to bring a copy of their signed liability waiver (see membership page)and proof of firearms safety training the first time they visit the range so the information can be entered into the electronic system by the RSO on duty.  Good idea to have your guest bring a copy of the required documents until you confirm it has been entered into the system and you know the expiration dates.  Liability waivers need to be renewed yearly.