2020 Membership Renewal

SHFC 2020 Membership Renewal Process 

Update January 16, 2020- note updated renewal session schedule. New 5:30 pm start time and 2 location changes to LSTTB auditorium.
Update February 26, 2020- 4 renewal sessions added in March.  These will be the last renewal sessions since the membership chair will not be available 2nd half of March.

2020 Renewal Session Schedule: Make sure to read the instructions below and complete the documentation before attending renewal session.  Check this page before attending for possible schedule changes

Renewal Session Schedule

February sessions:
02-06-20 Thursday 5:30pm Club House
02-11-20 Tuesday 5:30pm Club House
02-13-20 Thursday 5:30pm LSTTB Auditorium (LM Waterton Campus)*
02-18-20 Tuesday 5:30pm Club House
02-20-20 Thursday 5:30pm LSTTB Auditorium (LM Waterton Campus)*
02-25-20 Tuesday 5:30pm Club House
02-27-20 Thursday 5:30pm Club House

March Sessions:
03-03-20 Tuesday 5:30pm Club House
03-05-20 Thursday 5:30pm Club House
03-10-20 Tuesday 5:30pm Club House
03-12-20 Thursday 5:30pm Club House

*LSTTB location sessions open only to members that have access to Lockheed Martin Waterton Plant.

Don't miss the renewal sessions.  If you have not renewed by the last renewal session, your membership will lapse May 1st and you'll need to join as new member, go through orientation and safety training, and pay initiation fee and dues.

Electronic range access will be updated March 1st to deactivate access for members who have not renewed.

Here is the process for renewing your SHFC membership: 
  • As of March 1st, 2020 (end of February membership expiration), if you have not renewed your membership, your SHFC badge/member number will be deactivated and you will no longer be able to sign in to use the range.  
  • After May 1st, 2020, your 2019 SHFC membership is no longer valid and you will need to join as new member. To avoid having to sign up as a new member, paying the $50 initiation fee and attending another range orientation, you must attend one of the 2019 renewal sessions. 
  • This year all renewal sessions will take place at the clubhouse.  See Renewal Session schedule above.  
  • Please come to a renewal session as soon as you can to avoid having your SHFC membership lapse. 
  • If you have not renewed your SHFC membership by May 1st, 2020, you will need to rejoin as a new member. If you have extenuating circumstances (TDY, Vacation, Health Issues, etc..) preventing you from attending one of the renewal sessions, please contact John LaRue via email before the last scheduled renewal session.

Renewal Process:

Go to the SHFC Membership Website http://www.skylinehfc.org/membership--2 and download the 2020 Range Access and Safety Test and the 2020 Liability Waiver (Member) 

Note: We will not be accepting any guest documents at the renewal sessions…

Come to one of the Renewal Sessions with your permanent SHFC badge and the downloaded documents, 2020 Member Waiver and 2020 Safety Test, filled in. If you have not picked up your permanent badge last year, you'll be able to pick it up at the renewal sessions.  Write you membership number on all your documents.  We are validating all member information so we can get an accurate count and member information.  

Dues for 2020 are $100 minus the 2019 workbond you performed. Note the 2020 workbond is $10 per hour up to $50. For example, if you performed 5 hours of workbond, your 2020 dues are $100 minus $50 for a total of $50. You can find your workbond credited on the SHFC website  here. Payment with check for dues is preferred. If you are paying with cash, please bring exact change.

After the annual safety briefing and scoring of your 2020 Range Access and Safety Test, you will pick up your badge if you have not already done so, pay your dues, submit your filled in documents and scan your badge to renew your membership.  We recommend and encourage you to complete your test and wavier prior to attending the session since we are likely to be standing room only at the clubhouse.  

Don't forget to bring your permanent range access badge..

If you are a RSO, please provide proof that you have signed up for your 6 hour minimum RSO commitment for 2020 fiscal year to continue your RSO eligibility. You can send a copy of your scheduled RSO duty in advance via email to John LaRue to avoid having to wait during the session to verify your RSO assignment. Provide your name, dates and times of your RSO shift for verification. Since you might be signing up for a session in relatively far future, please use the reminder feature (click the "reminders: tab when you are in the add/edit entry page) to send yourself an email reminder. If you've already signed up for a shift and want to add a reminder, click on your shift then click on edit entry which will open the edit entry page and you can click the reminders tab.