NRA Classes

BASIC PISTOL The club will continue our offerings of Basic Pistol (BP) and Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH). The latest NRA requirement of mandatory completion of BP before PPITH is now fully implemented. If this sounds new to you, here’s what it means. Previously, people had been able to say that they had experience shooting so they didn’t need to take the course, basically asking for a waiver. However, feedback from actual instruction indicated less than good working knowledge. In response, the NRA developed an online course (for $60) that allowed someone to take the classroom portion, but then still required a range session to complete. This then allowed you to take the PPITH course.
SHFC has always offered both courses.  The cost for each class is $75 for non-SHFC members and $50 for members.
Please check the  2020 Event Calendar for the added BP and PPITH Classes. Please email or contact Jim Cathcart at to reserve a seat or more information.

2020 NRA Class Schedule (as of 3/15/2020).  Classes are held only if the required minimum students have signed up and pay in advance.  If not enough students have signed up, those that have signed up will get first priority for the next class on the schedule.

NRA Basic Pistol:
1st BP Class TBD
July 11, 2020
Aug 15, 2020
Aug 23, 2020 
Sept 3, 2020

June 27, 2020
2nd PPITH Class TBD 

NRA Shotgun Class:
Apr 25, 2020

NRA Rifle Instructor:
Apr 4, 2020 
Apr 5, 2020

NRA Pistol Instructor:
Aug 22, 2020

Contact Jim Cathcart , 303-549-8934 or for more information and to reserve your spot.
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