Home Firearm Safety

Home Firearm Safety Class

Home Firearm Safety Classes are held on the last off Friday of each month at the clubhouse at 5 pm only if someone RSVP for the class.  Contact Gene per info below to RSVP.  The class is ~4 hours long.  Range session is typically the Saturday or Sunday following the class and is decided during the classroom session and may not be listed in the event calendar.

The class is free and members are encouraged to bring anyone that they may want to bring to the range in the future.

We will hold an optional range session, date to be announced at the class, for any class participants that may want to develop their range skills and familiarization.

Just as the class is open to all, the range session is open to any previous class participants who'd like to reorient themselves to the basic requirements and range protocols.

Please contact Gene Adamson, 303-667-2871, if you need HFS class or have questions.