High Power

Highpower rifle matches are held the first Off-Friday of the month on the 200/300 yard range, with target setup beginning at 0830 and firing beginning at 0900. Matches are free and open to all club members and guests.

Matches will follow the 80 shot NRA 200 yard reduced range course of fire, with 20 shots fired from the standing position, 20 shots sitting/kneeling rapid fire, 20 shots prone rapid fire, and 20 shots prone slow fire. 2 sighting shots are permitted in each position prior to beginning the course of fire.
Any safe centerfire rifle equipped with a sling, capable of holding at least 5 rounds may be used. Iron sights or optical sights may be used. Club owned M1 and AR15 rifles are available for use; please contact Gene Adamson (303-667-2871)

Special Matches
Throughout the year, special matches such as M1 Garand only matches, D-Day, and Veterans’ Day matches are held. Information on these will be available on the club event calendar and periodic mailings.
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The club is working toward affiliation with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, allowing club members to purchase government M1, M1903, M1917, and other rifles. Stay tuned!
NRA Highpower
NRA Highpower Rules

Introduction to Highpower
Highpower rifle matches, held at multiple ranges across the state and country, are multi-position and multi-distance events. Traditional “Across-the-Course” matches consist of one or more strings of 10 rounds fired from different sling-supported positions at 200, 300, and 600 yards. Other disciplines include Mid-Range, Long-Range, Palma, and Fullbore.

Table 1: National Match Course of Fire
Slow Fire, Standing 10 rounds at 200 yards in 10 minutes
Rapid Fire, Sitting or Kneeling 10 rounds at 200 yards in 60 seconds
Rapid Fire, Prone 10 rounds at 300 yards in 70 seconds
Slow Fire, Prone 10 rounds at 600 yards in 10 minutes
Competitors fire one of two types of rifles: match rifles and service rifles. 
Match rifles are restricted to any bolt-action or semi-automatic rifle with a trigger pull no less than 3.5 lbs, with an internal or external magazine capable of holding not less than 5 rounds. Rifles must be equipped with metallic sights. A recent rule revision to NRA and Civilian Marksmanship Program rules allow for the use of optical sights.

Service rifles shall be as-issued by the US Armed Forces, or of the same type and caliber of commercially manufactured rifles. Authorized rifles are the .30 Cal M1903/M1917/M1, 7.62mm M14/M1A, 5.56 mm M-16/AR-15, and 7.62mm M110. Trigger pull must be no less than 4.5 lbs. Rifles must be equipped with standard military metallic sights and a standard leather or web sling, A recent rule revision allows for the use of optical sights with magnification no greater than 4.5x.
Suggested Equipment
• Eye and ear protection
• Water
• Rifle
• Sling (GI 1903 leather sling or M1 web sling)
• 2 magazines or clips (capable of holding at least 5 rounds, as each position is fired in two strings of 10 rounds with a magazine change during each string)
• Shooting mat
• Spotting scope or binoculars (the club has a couple of loaners)