Federal Firearms License (FFL)

The club has four purchasing agents responsible for processing FFL orders. All orders must be processed through one of the firearms agents listed below:

Club Purchasing Agents
1. John Parker (Class 1 & Class 3 Firearms & Accessories) 303-977-5268
2. Dave Mulholland (Class 1 Firearms & Accessories) 303-977-3674
3. John DeAngelis (Redding) 
4. Bill Lhotta (Powder Valley)
5. John LaRue (Class 3 Firearms & Accessories, & Firearms Transfers) 303-977-9807

Members are prohibited from directly handling the FFL. On-line auctions require coordination with a purchasing agent prior to bidding. Firearm purchases shall follow the Skyline Hunting and Fishing Purchasing Policy and Practices below.

FFL Purchasing Policy & Practices Updated 1/12/2016