Archery Outdoor Leauge

ARCHERY outdoor league still only have 9 people sign up for the league 303-971-7349 (June time frame)

Just a Reminder need people to sign up for league they could be a guest of yours also--- but you must be there with them

Wednesday-?---- Time 5---7 ---or 6----8 ---Starting June 22 ending August 24 (10 weeks) depending on weather

Traditional ---archery equipment will without sight will have targets from 5-35 yards
Recurves---- archery equipment with sights will have targets from 5-45 yards
Compounds ---archery equipment with or without will have targets for 5 to 50 yards

Sorry had to put this out for some that did not want to shoot 60 yards that’s fine with me

3 arrow at each target 14 targets when pillow has no target on it you don’t shoot that pillow move on to the one has target
Score will be 5-4-3-2-1 Total 15 points at each targets = 210 points each round =14 targets (((((can change by vote to 4 arrows each targets
Make up shoot---- you may shoot the targets be for next the Wednesday ---new targets location ---and new yardages

We only have 6 people sign up so far not even a 1% of shooters we have as archer

Need about 15 to 20 sign up for the time I’m spending to work this out -----it take time to put up targets and score cards and walk archery range changing (marked yardage) ever week

I know some off you have never shoot league (you will enjoy it)

Targets you will shoot

Target 1  Target 2 Target 3

James q Gilmore Jr (Happy)
303-971-7349 WK
303-514-0254 cell