Archery Hunting Requirement

Bow Hunter ED

If you are planning to join us archery hunting, you will need Archery Hunter ED (not just Hunter ED) and also 5 hrs of work bond is needed to hunt on LM property (see below). See the flyer, our events calendar, and the hunters ed page for the bowhunter classes that will be held for Colorado. Please contact Colorado parks and wildlife to get scheduled for class (limited numbers per class). Also see the screen shot of the rules for archery hunting on LM property (may be updated for 2020)

2020 Archery Hunt Requirements and Process (Click here to download our flyer that documents the process that is also outlined below!)

1) Be a current member of the Skyline Hunting and Fishing Club
          b. Apply for hunting tags for elk, deer or fall turkey in area 461, April 7th is the deadline for entering the primary draw for tags. CO Department of Wildlife has added a secondary draw application period June 5th through July 7th
          c. Hunting on Lockheed Martin Property is only for archery; crossbows and guns of any kind are not allowed
2) Complete and pass an Archery Hunters Ed course (this is in addition to your normal Hunters Ed course completion)
          a. These courses can be found here,, Colorado Parks and Wildlife classes (space limited) see below for time, but register on CPW website contact Mitch Arnold at 720-496-6106 or Bob Ventura 303-953-1966 for questions.
          • Archery Hunter Ed - Full Up Class: March – April 18th Hunters Ed classes have been cancelled by Colorado Parks and Wildlife due to the COVID-19
                    Wednesday, March 25, 1800 to 2100 @ Clubhouse Cancelled
                    Thursday, March 26, 1800 to 2100 @ Clubhouse Cancelled
                    Saturday, March 28, 0800 to 1600 @ Clubhouse & Archery Range Cancelled
          • Archery Hunter Ed - Advanced or Internet Based Class
                    Saturday, May 30, 0800 to 1600 @ Clubhouse & Archery Range
          • Archery Hunter Ed - Advanced or Internet Based Class
                    Saturday, July 25, 0800 to 1600 @ Clubhouse & Archery Range
          b. All family members (immediate family consists of spouse, parent, child or grandchild) assisting in your hunt, must have an Archery Hunters Ed card as well
3) Partake in a minimum of five hours of work bond on Lockheed Martin Waterton property before hunting begins in August
          a. Work Bond can be completed by yourself or when we send out times and dates for work parties. Request to be included on email list for these opportunities with or call 303-514-0254
4) Attend one of the six Lockheed Martin Safety and Security briefing seminars in July and August
          a. This mandatory training session is for any SHFC member prior to issuance of license to hunt on LM property
          b. The session is two hours long and will discuss the permittable hunting zones and safety while hunting on LM property
          c. 2020 Sessions: July 20, July 27, Aug 3, Aug 10, Aug 17; Cancelled due to COVID; Contact Happy at or 303-971-7349 to discuss training options.

5) Familiarize yourself with all the rules presented to us from Lockheed Martin and sign the following forms

a.  2020 Rules/Hunting Agreement (Sign sheet 2 and bring it with you to the Archery Briefing)

b. 2020  Archery Permit Form (Sign this and bring it to the briefing, we may ask for you to send it to Lori Mitchell after attending the briefing if she is not available in person to sign the form at the meeting)

6) Bring the following with you to the Archery Briefings:

  • Signed Sheet 2 of the 2020 Rules/Hunting Agreement form (see above)
  • Filled out Archery Permit Form
  • Copy of Hunting Tags
  • Bow Hunter Safety Card

Archery Work Bond

Work bond can be done by yourself or when we send out time and date for work party. Most work bond will be done after work on work days from 4-6 (Date and time will be send to all archer on my email list. If you like to be added to list please email me. 303-971-7349 -----303-514-0254 cell

List of work needed:

1. Bottom archery range need put in (marked yards) POC Larry Espelage and James Gilmore

2. Trails need cut & cleaned, targets need fixed

3. Storage needs cleaning out (trash)

4. Trash in Trailer needs empty at club house dumpster

5. Mowing need done again upper and lower

6. Upper targets range replacement (POC Jim Gilmore)

7. Walking the fields picking up trash