Archery Hunting Requirement

Bow Hunter ED

If you are planning to join us archery hunting, you will need Archery Hunter ED (not just Hunter ED) and also 4 hr. of work bond is needed to hunt on LM property (see below). See the flyer for the bowhunter classes that will be held for Colorado. Please contact Colorado parks and wildlife to get scheduled for class (limited numbers per class). Also see the screen shot of the rules for archery hunting on LM property.

Archery Hunt Requirements

1. Must a member of skyline hunting fishing club ( now ) 2019
2. SKYLINE must have the hunting letter sign by LMCO (it’s in work as of February we are waiting for this to be sign )
3. You and family members Must have a bowhunter Ed card it’s not your hunter ed card it green color said bow hunters ed
4. You can applied for hunting tags for elk or deer or fall turkey for 461 area ( now April is dead line for tags )
5. Must have 5hr in for work bond be for hunting date AUGEST
6. You must come to a security briefing be for you go hunting the date are in July will be set up by James Gilmore
7. There are lots of rules we must flow to keep our privilege to hunt LMCO
8. Only archery is on Lockheed property (no gun no crossbow no muzzle for hunting

Archery Hunt Rules

Archery Hunt Rules

Archery Hunting Briefing

Five Archery Hunting Briefing (2 hr.each) days are planned in late JUNE and JULY. Attendance in one of these briefings is required to receive special archery hunting permission permit from security for hunting on LMCO property. Please do not call security for these permits. The LM property is a draw area (461). Contact James Q Gilmore for any question.

Please remember that the 12 is the last date for briefing if you are going toned one later then that you must let me know now to set time up be for hunting weekend you will not get to hunt open day or weekend thanks

skyline hunting briefing date will be July and August

July 15, 2019 at 5:00 pm club house area James Gilmore
July 21, 2019 at 5:00 pm club house area James Gilmore
July 24, 2019 AT 5:00 pm club house area James Gilmore
July 29, 2019 at 5:00 pm club house area James Gilmore
August 5, 2019 AT 5:00 club house area JAMES Gilmore
August 12, 2019 at 5:00 club house area James Gilmore

Archery Work Bond

Work bond can be done by yourself or when we send out time and date for work party. Most work bond will be done after work on work days from 4-6 (Date and time will be send to all archer on my email list. If you like to be added to list please email me. 303-971-7349 -----303-514-0254 cell

List of work needed:

1. Bottom archery range need put in (marked yards) POC Larry Espelage and James Gilmore

2. Trails need cut & cleaned, targets need fixed

3. Storage needs cleaning out (trash)

4. Trash in Trailer needs empty at club house dumpster

5. Mowing need done again upper and lower

6. Upper targets range replacement (POC Jim Gilmore

7. Walking the fields picking up trash

8. May 11-16 CBA spring fest need worker to help set up 3ds

9. May 16 -2015 will need workers to work the shoot registration, parking, range officers, gate guard, cooking,