All Firearm Ranges are open from one half hour before sunrise until 10 PM EXCEPT during normal working hours Monday through Friday* (7 AM to 4 PM) when the ranges will be closed. *Note, since normal working hours do not include " Off Fridays (track A)" and LMSSC designated Holidays, all ranges will be open from one half hour before sunrise until 10 PM on these days also (RSO must be active/on site - see RSO Calendar). The Archery (NO FIREARMS) Range is open at all times. SHFC members who have NOT completed the MANDATORY Safety Training & Testing and received the 2017 badge will NOT be allowed access to the range As of April 1 2017. We no longer access the ranges though the Lockheed Martin gate! Skyline Hunting & Fishing is a private club - You must be an employee or retiree of Lockheed Martin Company, United Launch Alliance (ULA), or an affiliated Defense Dept contractor for eligibility for membership.

****The Range Is OPEN!!!!!**** 

No steel target shooting, even for events.

>Check out the new Boat Rental page.

>Workbond opportunities for Technical Writer, Software and IT inclined members.  Click here for details.

>For Powder Valley group order, please contact Bill Lhotta (720) 431-5805.  

***All firearms ranges are closed during normal working hours***

***Firearms are not allowed on Lockheed Martin Property, except for authorized range use - See new range access details***

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Click here for Home Firearm Safety Class   Are typically scheduled for the last off-Friday of the month at 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm if someone RSVPs for the class.  Range session on following Saturday or Sunday to be confirmed at class

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